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   A writer, martial artist, media producer, and lecturer, Kurt Sussman has donned many hats. His seminars for personal empowerment, such as Power through Adversity and Live the Dream have been given to teach what he has always believed: that we all have a heroic mission on earth, and we are born with the tools that lead us to its accomplishment.

He currently resides in Springville, Pennsylvania, with his wife Melody and children

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Apocryphon: The Hidden Teachings of the Martial Arts

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Kurt's latest book                        

     The Black Onyx Ring is a story of triumph over adversity. It is the story of Gus Schmidt, a quiet little man from rural Springville, Pennsylvania who struggles with death, depression, divorce, addiction and financial ruin. Determined to turn his life around and armed with the inspiration to write a book given to him in a dream, Gus sets out to face the losses of his past and bring healing to his heart. The Black Onyx Ring is a book that will leave the reader questioning where reality ends, and dreams, inspirations, and miracles begin. It is a book within a book, and the strategies revealed within not only bring renewed faith to Gus, but will to the reader as well.


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"We are all inspired to see someone's possible solutions 

to impossible situations"

                   -Kurt Sussman


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